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Our calm town is situated next to the River Tisza in Bács-Kiskun county, Hungary. The nearest cities are Szolnok and Kecskemét.

The main attraction of the town is the River Tisza: it accompanies our town for 22.5 kilometres, and it is really good for swimming, sailing and fishing. Next to the riverside there is a marvellous sandy beach with several pubs on the embarkment. There are also some sporting activities: volleyball, kayaking, canoeing, etc. The beach is open from early June every year.

There is a spectacular event every year: lovers of nature will surely find the dance of may-flies over the river astonishing.

There are also several mort lakes of River Tisza, which were naturally generated. Their natural habitat is very rich in animals and plants, and also a heaven for anglers. Typical fish species: carp, catfish, pike, grass carp, pike-perch, asp, bream, crucian carp.


There is a sightseeing locomotive car, which departs 100 m far from the entrance of the hotel. The main sights are: the Neo-gothic Reformed Church, the late Baroque Roman Catholic Church, the town centre.

Tourists can find a well-maintained, 15 km long cycle path in and around the city. It is possible to rent a bike in the hotel. You can cycle on the dam of the River Tisza to Tiszaug, and on the way there you can gaze at marvellous forests and observe the wildlife. Lovers of walking will be surely astonished by the sight of the riverbend during sunset.


Folk artists in Tiszakécske
Visit Miklós Kovács’ famous blue-painting workshop or Edit Böröczi’s potter workshop – it will be an amazing experience and a lot of fun.

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