Nearby sights

Nearby sights

Gyengénlátó verzió


March - Saunaprogrammes

8th of March - Women's day

14-17th of March - Animational programmes

23th of March - Night bathing

29th of March Sauna Evening


Special offer


Unmissable half-board package for pensioners.


Nearby sights

The beautiful herbarium collected from the Tisza riverside and an adventure park is waiting for the guests all year round.

Riding individually and in groups, teaching riding, horse tours with a guide, carriage ride, horse cart ride at Piros Farm, only a couple of kilometres far from the hotel.

A time-travel experience for children and adults, too. Folk house, traditional Hungarian playground, pet stroking experience in 6000 square metres.

A true Wild West city with fearful Indians and pale faced cowboys. Recommended for children and families, located in Csongrád-Bokros.

  • Planetárium – open every Saturday afternoon (from 3 p.m.)


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