Wellness Department

Wellness Department

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Wellness Department

Many people think that wellness means just a relaxing weekend in a pleasant environment although this concept is much wider. The expression of wellness includes health-conscious lifestyle and philosophy which helps us find our physical and mental harmony.


Healing medicinal water, fresh air, healthy dishes, light sporting activities, calming and relaxing body treatments, hot sauna and an unforgettable family experience – everything under one roof.



Refreshing massage
The treatment is based on Swedish massage. The masseur focuses on the whole body or a part of it. The massage includes slow and soothing movements that improve the blood circulation, increase the amount of the oxygen in the textures and rise metabolism. It has a relaxing and also stimulating effect on muscles and tissues.


Relaxing massage with aromatherapy
This massage includes slow and fine movements with aromatherapy to strengthen the relaxing effect of the massage.

Massage with hot stone
This massage includes gentle movements performed with hot stones. These volcanic stones keep the warm for a long time and they help the aromatic oils penetrate the skin easier. It is excellent against back-pains and for relaxation.



Vacuum treatment

It is a very intensive and strong of vacuum-effect treatment that makes the local blood circulation stronger, and helps to destroy the fat-cells. Using this treatment as a cure you can reach long-lasted positive effects.


Caracalla massage bath

Automatic massage bathtub with light therapy. Anti-cellulite, relaxing, activating and 9 other massages with individual options. The massage bathtub helps you relax thanks to the medicinal water.


Jouvence SPA bed
The ergonomically designed waterbed provides a pleasant, warm levitation effect. Relax in a cosy environment enjoying the chromotherapy light, a hydrating body wrap and a short foot massage.


Further information / Registration: +36 76 441 363 (Spa wellness section - reception desk)

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