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About us

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About us

The Szabó family has been operating the Tisza-parti Gyógy-és Élményfürdő for 30 years. We became owners in 1999. We have been carefully managing this spa and we have created a modern medical centre, a brand new sauna world and numerous pools, as well as a playing gallery for families with children, and we have built a modern playground for multiple generations, too. The former pools were renewed, along with the main entrance. The campsite situated in the immediate vicinity of the spa has been in the possession of the Szabó family for more than 25 years and it is still awaiting for its new and returning guests.

A Szabó család már több mint 30 év a fürdőben!

In 2007 13 4 star apartments were built within the premises of the spa, and they are really popular with our guests.

There were an increasing need for higher quality accommodation in this region, so we started our new project in 2013: we began building a 4 star hotel, which opened its gates in July, 2014.


It is really important for our family to satisfy every needs of our guests and our aim is to constantly renew the spa on a yearly basis without losing its values and keep its homely nature.

Thank you for choosing us, we hope you will be satisfied with our services!

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