Camping House Rules

Camping House Rules

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Camping House Rules

Please read the following rules carefully!

  1. Only registered guests may be permitted within the premises of the campsite. The reception is open from 8 a.m. till 8p.m. Guests arriving after 7 p.m. have to hand in their ID documents and spend that night at a temporary place.
  2. Designating parcels is the right of the campsite staff. Upon arrival (before checking in) guests may have the possibility to have a look at the parcel. Guests cannot reserve more place than their own parcel. Other parcels cannot be used neither temporarily nor continually. Guests must park their car within their own parcel.
  3. After registration a campsite ID is made, guests have to take this card with themselves wherever they go and they have to show it to the staff upon request. 
  4. Campsite fees can be found at the reception.
  5. Campsite occupants may have the possibility to receive guests. They must have a valid spa ticket or they must be registered at the reception.
  6. Pets are allowed to stay but for an extra fee. Dogs are only allowed on a leash. Every pet must have valid veterinarian documents which must be presented upon request. Please make sure that your pet will not disturb other people. Guests take full responsibility for their pet (injuries, damage to campsite). A designated place for taking pets for a walk can be found opposite the campsite’s entrance.
  7. The gate of the campsite is closed from 10 p.m., after that time guests can park their vehicles outside the campsite in front of the spa. Campsite occupants can use the wicket-gate.
  8. Lost items should be taken to the reception of the campsite.
  9. If you experience fault with any appliances please contact the reception desk immediately so our colleagues can start troubleshooting. It is strictly forbidden to manipulate any appliances within the campsite. Deliberately causing damage or stealing will be reported to the police. 
  10. Please respect nature so don’t break off braches, sprouts or don’t step on saplings. Avoid damaging bushes while parking. Please do not use tree branches to dry your laundry and don’t fasten ropes to trees. If you want to build a fire please don’t collect wood within the campsite. 
  11. Building a fire or using grill equipment is only possible at a designated place by obeying the rules of making a fire. It is necessary to ask for permission before lighting a fire. Please use grill equipment with special care and do not disturb other guests.
  12. Fire extinguishers are located at the reception desk. Fire brigade phone number: 105
  13. Using gas canisters: they can be used with pressure regulators only. Gas canisters weighing more than 33 kilograms cannot be used within caravans.
  14. Electric current usage: 10 KwA/parcel. Every guest can use only one connection. Using more than one connection result in doubled electricity fee.
  15. Silent period: At night: 10 p.m. – 6 a.m., Around noon: 12 – 3 p.m.
  16. Speed limit within the premises of the campsite is 5 kph.
  17. Upon payment please observe the opening hours of the reception. Paying for the services must be done not later than checking out. Payments in advance cannot be refund in case of cancellation.
  18. Guests must check out and leave the parcel before 11 a.m. Checking out after 11 a.m. result in paying an extra night.
  19. We do not take responsibility for personal properties, losing unguarded things, damage caused by a third person, natural disasters (hailstorm, falling branches etc.), fire, ailments or infections, or terrorist activities.
  20. Guests can make a complaint at the reception. Guests violating the rules of the campsite have to leave the place immediately without compensation. Guests refusing to leave the campsite can be apprehended by the police.
  21. The leader of the campsite and other staff members have the right to pay attention to guests and make them comply with the house rules.
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